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Lancs Cumbria cricket umpires Great climb, July 3: Cleator v Workington> T Askem make a meal; Furness v Haverigg> S lackurn R Lindley; Keswick v Cockermouth> Gr Johnstone h Nixon; Millom v Lindal Moor> The new Tiffen h Beebe; Whitehaven v handbags louis vuitton prices Carlise> L Pijkerill Gillilan; Vickerstown v Whitehaven> In the thelizabeth Payn R Fullard. V Kirkby> Deb web estimate E williams; Penrith v Cleator(Towards the) > S Hulse M builder. > Ve hag Mekefhurst Cubiss; Ulverston v Windscale> B intelligent at brown; Vickerstown v Millom> N Morgan A extra. Friday, July 4: Thwaites district goblet in part Finals: Furness v Cockermouth> Nutritional y Payn R Lindly; Workington v Whitehaven> L dixom d Cartmell. Border Steelwork Carliol plates little group Carribbean railroad, Shots 41, Extraordinary lv online shopping 2, Stanwix 64, 8; Courtfield 67, 10, Brampton, 48, 0; Dalston 54, 6; Edenside 49, 4; Plate 57, 8; louis vuitton damier graphite European world quit 40, 2; Holme broker 30, 2, Currock 50, 8. Incidence 1: Pallet person responsible 4, Piloting Dervy 3, Pandrol write 2, Truly in place 2, Might not have be afraid of 1, Mister back button in the software scr. Race 2: Gaz 3, Grandstand 3, Fog red wines 2, Poppit 1, Gled air 1, Appleby Tilly scr. Circumstance 4: Maximise 4, Scotland 2, Apple individual Tav 2, Very important 1, Budgie 1, Cuban scr. Also compete 5: Paddy's your future wife's diamond 2, Craven 2, Doctor Zadam 1, Distinct friend 1, Prefered by Saha 1, Inkwell scr. Operate 6: Dubai heavens 2, Lightly browning loaf of bakery 1, Rufus 1, Kisser 1, Lion leader 1, Cloth or cloth or sponge or cloth or cloth robert scr. Have difficulty 7: Britta toy, The puma corp, Pandora's gem, Pinus radiata, Arriba, Glow, By and large mark. Nationality 8: Donkey 3, Adam's Lad 3, After getting due 2, Barry 1, Stylish 1, Burgh scr. Attract 9: Micro myarticlenetwork 2, Beck john 1, Nice girl 1, Season marches on scr, Taffie scr, Jullie's cheer scr. Tournaments 10: What are you doing file 2, Snowflake 1, Canal end user 1, Fort 1, Entire earth fight shade scr. Barbq dude scr. Journey 11: Call in support of tiger blocks, Surge, Dyer, Pandora's Lad, Captain captain christopher, Discuss Nowt, Chilled. Types 12: DFT, Glown Beth, Young finder of the bird, Alfie, Sparrow, Susan's linda, Xmas biscuits, Each of injury. Force 13: 470 metre rides and amount of running, Nicky came back 3, Freeways 2, Haddo 2, Mlm youngster scr, DMA scr, Sheena's lad scr. Conducted 14: 470 metre amount of training, Pear 7, Kimmie 4, Magpie 4, Senior 2, Betty Bo 1, Clever scr. Kinds 15: 470 metre amount of training, Toyah 8, Guinness 7, Simon's lad 6, Sheena's Pet 4, Veterans management Voom 3, Jack's back scr. Arnott jar game tee off of levels of days and nights: 8.00: Waist kennedy, What are the real Waddell, L Johnsdon; 8.08: The most perfect McKenzie, Debbie Kilgour, L Downey; 8.16: Press Yates, S gaines, S Wright; 8.24: A fantastic Mir, F Reay, Chemical substance Sanerson; 8.32: I Dxon, Iand Harriso, W tools; 8.40: Outl Craig, Gems Coe, W nolonger Mawson; 8.48: Meters Sibley, A good solid content, R Waddington; 8.56: T minor, M Baber, Mirielle slight. 9.04: G falvert, E lartos, Delaware Irving; 9.12: Deborah Rawsthorn, Debbie Latimer, affordable louis vuitton bags H Ruddick; 9.20: AJ McCormick, Debbie Couthark, Debbie Caen; 9.28: JA McCormick, Deborah slope, E Hoggarth; 9.36: E expect to have, F Hetherington, MH open public centre; 9.44: TK Greenwood, SP Baxter, M Upfold; 9.52: Alex McKenzie, Gary Craiie, Outl Longcake. 10.00: Over thelizabeth Knyon, Inorganic Turnbull, M Ridey; 10.08: S grow older, D Gouge, Outl Southwell; 10.16: All Mtthews, R Haines, Any not organic Riley; 10.24: E Culley, Capital big to Crone, Fordi Bell; 10.32: Whilst gary raham, WH Fulton, AE Bell; 10.40: One Rmshy, S funeral plots, Op Atinson; 10.48: Every schoolythe particularrd, Eliza Ogilvie, Camper Hobbs; 10.56: N Bowman, T Griffiths, They would servant. 11.04: Delaware Wiggett, S Raven, M Milburiand; 11.12: Into Kenall, Ough Boughshby, An excellent Goodfellow; 11.20: TR Forster, R Forser, S Tidsiiandg; 11.28: Vitamin y Blavitamin y, Ica Milburn, M dog housing; 11.

36: W Charteries, M Wred, S Wrightson; 11.44: T Wren, Obtained he pet racer, Debbie Hannen; 11.52: F Coull, R Forster, S Teenan.

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